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Clarify your message

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Make sure people see it

Clarify your message

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Make sure people see it

Make sure people see it

Make sure people see it

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SOME OF Our Heroes

Elena McGlynn is a realtor in Connecticut.  The market there is challenging but, she's a fighter.  She serves both the Spanish speaking and English market and works as hard as you would ever want your realtor to serve you.

Brandt Hanley has worked for some of the greatest companies in the world and is determined to help Middle Market companies pursue excellence by recruiting executives that perfectly suit their culture, their industry and their goals.  

Karil Connor is on a mission from God.  She is the international director of Young Lives and is determined to see that every teenage mother knows that they are loved and valued.  She talks here to her board of directors about the challenges that lie ahead and how she is confident in the team and their mission.

Ian Hockley lost his son in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut.  Ian has made it his life mission to change the culture in schools around the NorthEast by implementing a program he developed called Dylan's Wings of Change.

Lauren Barrett is a highly sought out dance instructor that specializes in working with families.  She has a unique approach to her craft that she talks about here and is especially creative as a choreographer.

Peter V. Scalzo is a man of vision. He decided to get in front of the camera to tell his life story for future generations.  Today, he's 87 years old and is proud of the family he has raised and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren he has.  He just wanted to make sure they knew him and could pass his stories along to future generations.

United Way of Western Connecticut is leading the way with innovation when it comes to serving the client base.

This video helped them communicate all that they're doing to their donor base.  We're very impressed with this agency.

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